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‘Sharpened My Ability to Be Both Relational & Strategic’

“I am a better leader because of my coaching relationship with Grace. Coaching has sharpened my ability to be both relational and strategic, whether I am presenting at a national conference, facilitating a meeting with my senior leadership team or meeting with a donor or organizational partner. This increased awareness enhances my day-to-day functioning, allows me to make more grounded decisions and heightens my ability to remain in strong relationship with my team members. I am constantly struck by the ongoing learning, insight and connections that surface during my coaching sessions.”

 Lance Toma, LCSW, Executive Director

Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center


‘A Nurturing Practicality’

“Working with Leading Spirit gave me the ‘team’ I needed to help focus on what I wanted in my professional and my personal life—and understand how those two things could complement each other. We all have a deep need for someone to travel the path with us, to stand outside the realm and help us see down the road farther than we can on our own. Grace’s vision provided me with new insights into what might be around the corner and what might be inside of me that would guide me there.
         In the middle of a job search, Grace helped me learn much about who I was and what I brought to a professional position that kept me moving forward. Then during the transition into my new job, Grace’s ability to ground me in my own skills and experience made that period less stressful than any other job transition I've ever had.
         Grace brings a nurturing practicality to her coaching that showed me how to lay new foundations and frame new expectations of myself and of others. Translating an idea into a visual representation was an effective way of capturing my issues and focusing my responses to them. When I was stuck in the sensation of being “an outsider,” she gave me the image of the window and the party inside. Grace’s work helped me figure out where the door to the party was.”

 Jewelle Gomez

Author and activist


‘Stronger Leader with a Clearer Vision’

“Working with Grace has made me a better executive director. When I have tough decisions to make about staffing, financial matters, board relationships or fundraising, Grace asks the right (and often hard) questions that can illuminate the path to answers.
         The Foundation where I work has a stronger leader with a clearer vision because of working with Grace. I have been able to set limits in areas that I never thought would be possible before.
         Grace is consistent in her guidance. She is tough when she needs to be and rarely lets me get away with things. She is supportive and complimentary while also acknowledging areas where I frequently slip up. Grace is quick to laugh and use humor in our sessions. And as she knows, I love her application of scientific laws to her work.”

 Karen Topakian, Executive Director

Agape Foundation


‘A Sea of Calm in the Storm … Fresh Practical Insights’

“Grace Flannery’s expert support and guidance made a true believer of me about the value and power of executive coaching. Her regular sessions provided a sea of calm in the storm while also giving me fresh, practical insights into the challenges and opportunities I faced. With her support, I was able to be true to myself as a leader, serve with the utmost integrity and help the organization face some difficult choices.”

 CJ Callen, Principal

A Consultant Less Ordinary; former Executive Director, Changemakers







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